HANDCRAFTED in Melbourne


First and foremost, 3940® is driven by challenging creative industry conventions and trends.
We cater to you without conforming, merging art and fashion within a practical, everyday bag.

The body is the uniform. The linings are your resistance.

All our bag exterior bodies consist of duckweave cotton or denim cotton.
All linings are limited and hand-selected, ranging from re-purposed curtains to salvaged materials to luxurious silks.
It is our environmental responsibility as a brand to use locally sourced, genuine leather.
Everything is chosen to develop character over time, to age well.

Choose your bag, choose how loud or how quiet - wear it to skate, wear it to ride, wear it to work, wear it on first dates, wear it any season in any mood. Most importantly wear it for yourself. We hope you can see a little piece of yourself in each.

Everything we present to you is meticulously handcrafted, from each stitch
to every edge of burnished leather attached to every snap hook.

All considered and explored to deliver you these numbers: